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Manhole covers and grids, composite covers, natural pavement stones


NEW! different types of pavement stones


"2016 Estbuild" 6-9 april Tallinn Pirita tee 28 (Building Fair)


NEW! Casted basalt plates


Sale! Floating manhole cover, type EN124  D400 Dia700mm price 139.- eur / set


Product list has been supplemented with composite covers

Stainless steel sheets from.AISI430 1,43eur/kg; AISI304 2,40eur/kg

Product list has been supplemented with square grid cover designed by us. Product KGS500KMPL.

Campaign for best price has started!

Product list has been supplemented with ductile iron tree grid designed by us.
Tree grids has been used on greenery works in Tallinn Solarise Center.


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Natural stone, paving stones, cubes, curbstones, cut to size paving stones, granite, gabbro

Various types of paving stones are made of natural stone. The color of the stones depends on the color of the natural material. The main colors are grey, black, red and brown. The most common products are cubes, curbstones, coating tiles, stairs and other sizes and colors. If desired, it is possible to manufacture various surface treatment products: cut, bush-hammered, burned or flamed.

Product dimensions:

Cubes 100 X 100 X 100; 50 X 50 X 50; other measure chosen by the customer

Curbstones 290 X 150 X 1000; 200 X 80 X 1000; with or without phase; other measure chosen by the customer

Tiles of cast basalt -

The pavement is made by melting of natural basalt and its casting into metal moulds.

The paving tiles cast by this manner feature excellent properties, due to which they are used in industrial operations exposed to mechanical and/or chemical loads. They are also often used due to their attractive and uncommon appearance.

This range covers tiles with smooth or anti-slipping surface and their various accessories, such as coved tiles, so-called L-pieces, and many atypical shape tiles.

Colour of the pavement is determined by nature of the natural material and cannot be changed or painted.

Each tile is an original by its appearance and thus also the floors made from our tiles are non-repeatable and unique.

The pavements are divided as follows:

•INTERIOR                    Beauty and Uncommon Appearance

•EXTERIOR                   Functionality and Uncommon Appearance

•INDUSTRIAL                Resistance and Durability

•ANTISLIPPING             Functionality and Serviceability

•HEXAGONAL               Original Sets and Personal Character

•ATYPICAL                    The unknown basalt pavement

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